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It is the goal of Inside Adjusters Catastrophe Staffing to provide our clients with additional adjusting personnel, whenever and wherever they are needed. We have chosen to specialize in inside adjusters and examiners because we feel that a special skill set is required for this service. 

Our examiners:

  • Provide specialized customer service to the insured
  • Possess a high level of computer and writing skills
  • Possess a thorough knowledge of policy and coverage issues

We can staff your catastrophe office with 2 to 50 examiners, for periods of one week to one year. We can also provide supervisors to oversee the examiner teams. In addition, we can provide staff which are able to oversee appraisal assignments, mediations and mold issues.

We feel that having a team committed to inside examining helps remove any bias or preferential treatment towards any outside independent adjusting firm. We help ensure that every file is correctly and professionally reviewed without consideration to allegiances to outside firms.

We currently have a roster of over 100 experienced adjusters and examiners from which to draw upon. Whether we staff the entire catastrophe office or only a small part, we know that it is important that the catastrophe team work together with the same goal in mind – to get the claims paid fairly and quickly.

When having the right people matters most, we can be there!