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About Us

Our Mission
To provide the insurance company the assurance of knowing that each claim has been handled with the integrity and quality that only the most experienced company can provide by expanding that insurance company’s internal staffing resources to adequately meet the demands of a sudden high volume of claims. 

We are committed to serving each of our clients with the best customer service possible. When you rely on our examiners, you can trust that they will properly review, examine and adjust each claim with the highest degree of integrity and fairness. We believe that by using Inside Adjusters Catastrophe Staffing to meet your inside staffing needs, you remove any bias or prejudices which may occur from using the same independent adjusting firm to work both the inside and outside files. Our focus is to properly examine and handle all aspects of the file, on the inside.

We are committed to ensuring that each claim is paid correctly by making sure that each insured receives the monies they are entitled to and, at the same time, making sure the insurance company is not paying for items that are not justified under the policy terms. We feel that inside adjusters and examiners require a special set of skills, beyond those that many field adjusters possess. These skills include the ability to manage a desk with hundreds of open files, attention to details in numbers and policy specifications, and a clear understanding of most estimating and computer software.



John Smoak, founder and president of Inside Adjusters Catastrophe Staffing, has thirteen years
experience in both residential and commercial adjusting and has worked as a field adjuster, inside file examiner, and supervisor for several companies.Prior to adjusting, John worked as an agent selling life, health, and disability insurance. Before his career in the insurance industry, he worked in the construction industry for 15 years and owned his own company for period of time. John served proudly in the US Army for three years as a paratrooper with the 82 Airborne and attended Bob Jones University.Drawing from his insurance and construction backgrounds, and combined with his business and military experience, John demonstrates great balance as a seasoned adjuster and a strong business manager.